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Options When Your Fiancé Visa Application Is Rejected


The process of applying for a K-1 fiancé visa can be complicated, and many seemingly qualified couples have their applications denied all the time. A rejection can be confusing and upsetting, but you and your fiancé still have options. Here are the next steps you should take after your K-1 visa application is rejected.

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5 Ways You Can Defend Against Deportation in New Mexico


Deportation can suddenly become a real and present possibility for many undocumented immigrants and other non-US citizens in New Mexico. Defense against deportation is possible, but rarely easy. Defenses can vary widely depending on many circumstances. Here are some of the defenses of deportation that may work for you or your loved one facing removal in New Mexico.

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Being Charged With Domestic Violence In New Mexico


If you are arrested for charges related to domestic violence, you may feel intimidated. Of course, dealing with the legal system is never a walk in the park. The difficult road ahead of you is one reason why you might consider hiring an attorney to combat the charges.

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Case Won: What to Do If Your Civil Judgment Goes Unpaid


When you choose to get involved in a lawsuit, you typically expect to win monetary compensation from the party that has wronged you. If you win the lawsuit, the next logical step is that the losing party pays you by order of the court.

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