9 Things to Keep in Mind During Your Personal Injury Case 

The way you handle your personal injuries matters. We want you to receive the most compensation possible to ensure you receive the proper medical and to get you back on your feet. We understand the inconvenience that comes with being injured. You have plenty to take care of and an injury will most likely get […]

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What Does Cybercrime Mean In 2021?

The rising cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach $6 trillion by 2021. Although millions of people have already been a victim of cybercrime first-hand, many still don’t fully understand what cybercrime actually means. Spam calls, emails, misleading websites are just a few of the most basic types of criminal activity. Most cyber criminals steal […]

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Self-Defense or Assault? What New Mexico Law Says 

If you have ever been in or witnessed a fight or altercation, you may have wondered how the law would view the situation. You’re not alone; plenty of people get into these situations daily not knowing who would be seen as the aggressor.  Too often, people are entangled in the legal system without knowing a […]

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Accident between car and bicycle on city street

Bikes In A Car’s World: Bicycle Accidents On Modern Roads

If you look at a busy street today, you will find a road filled with cars and trucks. You’ll hear blaring horns and roaring engines, with sound bouncing off of storefronts and reverberating down the street. Along the side of the road, you may see pedestrians and bicyclists using mechanical modes of transportation to move […]

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A lawyer meeting with a client to discuss the details of criminal defense

What to Expect After a Criminal Charge: The Immediacy of Defense

The presumption of innocence is an axiom within United States law. Although it’s not cited explicitly within our Constitution, the presumption of innocence is foundational to the Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments and for our nation’s legal system at large. This means those who are charged with crimes, from class C misdemeanors to federal felonies, […]

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A young woman sitting next to her car after a car accident

Recovering From A Car Accident: Steps To Expect

Car Accidents in Hobbs, and Las Cruces, New Mexico are an unfortunate part of modern transportation. Over 16,000 car crashes are estimated to occur every single day in the United States alone. Being involved in an accident can be terrifying, especially if you’re unsure of the next steps you should take after the fact.  If […]

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