DWI Lawyer Defending Drivers in Texas

car key with beer on table dui-dwi defense I, Llano DUI attorney W. Shane Jennings, aggressively defend drunken driving cases to prevent DUI charges in Texas from ruining your personal record. I will:

  • Interview the police
  • Try to get your case dismissed
  • Go to trial when needed

Criminal Defense for DUI Arrests

Generally, The Law Office of W. Shane Jennings takes DUI offenses in Llano in the magistrate court and the district court. We also do criminal defense work on DUI outside of Llano in Brady, Kingsland, Marble Falls, Mason, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About DWI Charges

  • This is my first DUI arrest. What is the worst that could happen?

    • A DWI first offense is a petty misdemeanor. That means you could spend up to 90 days in jail. If you refused chemical testing or your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was above a certain level, then there is a mandatory jail term. Also, DWI school, alcohol evaluation, ignition interlock for one year, and community service are mandatory. Your license can also be revoked for six months up to one year (one year if you’re under 21). If your license is taken away and you drive, you can be charged with driving on a suspended license for DWI.
  • DUI attorneys cost a lot of money; why should I pay for one?

    • When you face criminal charges, the outcome of the situation depends on what you do from the beginning. DUI arrests are complicated. Every day and everything matters. A DUI lawyer who charges you a fair price can spend time on your case. Even though it is one of the petty offenses, drunk driving is a criminal charge, and that can mean big trouble. A positive outcome comes out of hard work. An experienced Llano criminal defense attorney gains every possible advantage for you. DUI lawyer W. Shane Jennings works hard to help you stay out of trouble, gain every advantage, and stay out of jail.
  • What can the law office do for me?

    • We will decide what is most important to you. Acquittal is always the goal, but it is not always possible. The sooner you contact the Law Office of W. Shane Jennings, the better. You only have 10 days to protest the MVD from taking your license. Most people who come to criminal defense lawyers with a first offense have the following worries:
      • Fear of jail
      • Fear of loss of their license
      • Embarrassment and fear of publicity
      • Worries about driving record and insurance rates

An Experienced DUI Lawyer Is Ready to Discuss Your Case With You – Free of Charge

As a Texas DUI lawyer, W. Shane Jennings has defended many DUI arrests. A good DUI defense starts here. The process of going to court for a criminal offense such as a DUI in Texas is complicated.

Considerations include:

  • Was the stop legal?
  • Was the officer properly trained?
  • How was the field sobriety test given?
  • Should your case be dismissed?

The Law Gives Criminal Defense Attorneys Good Defense Options

You might think that you are in big trouble and there is no way to save your license, keep a blemish off your personal record, and avoid penalties. You may be in trouble, but DUI lawyers such as W. Shane Jennings know how to get you better results than you might think.

No Two DUI Cases Are The Same

Friends and family are great resources to lean on in a time like this, but each DUI arrest is different. Friends may tell you things that do not apply to your situation. Talking to people to relieve stress is natural, but that’s where it should end. Living with the consequences of a bad DUI case changes the rest of your life. You want to walk into the court with a DUI lawyer who knows the process, who has worked in the court, and who has received positive outcomes in the past.

Tell Your Side of the Story With a DWI Lawyer by Your Side

In Texas, driving with a BAC of .08% or higher is illegal, and the penalties for driving while intoxicated can be fairly steep. For your first offense, you could face license suspensions, community service, and fines. After multiple offenses, you may even face jail time.

Driving while intoxicated is always a mistake, but there are two sides to every story. If you want to fight for your rights and tell your version of events, get in touch with the Law Office of W. Shane Jennings.

Know Your Options

A DWI lawyer can make a drastic difference in your case. Get in touch with our firm and we will help your situation by:

  • Extending representation throughout court proceedings
  • Providing legal advice to help you decide how to plea
  • Filling out and submitting paperwork
  • Preparing a defense
  • Explaining your options

W. Shane Jennings will work tirelessly on your case. If possible, our team will help you reduce the charges and minimize your penalties. We will also do what we can to keep your charges off your permanent record.

At the completion of the legal proceedings, we will help you move forward with the penalties you face. For example, we can assist you in enrolling in driver education courses or having an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle. We know that these details can be confusing, and we are here to help. Get in touch with our Texas criminal law firm today!