Understanding Fraud & Embezzlement in the State of Texas

fraud embezzling Fraud and embezzlement are two similar, yet distinct, crimes that relate to money. Fraud consists of the intentional misappropriation or taking of anything of value that belongs to another by means of fraudulent conduct, practices or representations. Embezzlement, on the other hand, refers to a person using anything of value, with which they have been entrusted, with “fraudulent intent to deprive the owner thereof.” Both crimes can range from petty misdemeanors to second-degree felonies, depending on the amount taken or embezzled.

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What is Fraud and What Are the Penalties?

Fraud relates to the intentional misappropriation or taking of anything of value that belongs to another entity. As such, the punishments for fraud differ depending on the amount or the value of the property that has been taken or misappropriated. If the value is worth $250 or less, the fraud will be categorized as a petty misdemeanor. If the value is over $500 but no more than $2,500, then it will be a fourth-degree felony. Once the value exceeds $20,000, it will be seen as a second-degree felony.

Facing Embezzlement Charges in Llano, Texas

Embezzlement charges follow a structure similar to fraud. Depending on the amount embezzled, the punishment will differ and it can range from a petty misdemeanor to second-degree felony. A $250 or less crime is considered a petty misdemeanor while embezzled property valued at $20,000 or more will be considered a second-degree felony.

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Fraud and embezzlement charges are serious and should be dealt with accordingly. Whether the charge is $200 or $25,000, you deserve strong representation in court. There are many ways to fight fraud and embezzlement charges. Depending on your particular situation, attorney W. Shane Jennings will work tirelessly in order to find the best course of action.

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