Petition to Expunge Arrest Information

When you have arrest information on your record, your life can become a bit more difficult. You may be able to expunge this information from your record. If you require legal assistance, contact the Law Office of W. Shane Jennings.

It is possible to petition the department to expunge arrest information on your state record or FBI record if your arrest was for a misdemeanor or petty misdemeanor offense and said the arrest was not for a crime of moral aptitude. In order to achieve this, the department must be unable to locate a final disposition after contacting the arresting law enforcement agency, the administrative office of the courts, and the administrative office of the district attorneys. Once all this takes place and the final disposition is not found, then the department shall expunge the arrest information.

To expunge is “to remove a notation of an arrest on a person’s state record of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Record.” Similarly, the final disposition is the term given to the final outcome following an arrest. This can include “nolle prosequi, a dismissal, a decision to not file charges, a referral to a pre-prosecution diversion program, or placement on probation or imposition of a fine.”

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