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Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Lawyer serving Texas and New Mexico

If you have suffered a personal injury as the result of another individual's negligence, or when someone accuses you of a criminal offense, it's important to share your side of the story. If you're facing legal issues, choose W. Shane Jennings as your personal injury and criminal defense lawyer with offices in Las Cruces and Hobbs, New Mexico, and Llano, Texas. Our team has the experience and expertise necessary to construct a solid defense for you.

Your rights don't go out the window if you are injured in an accident or when you are accused of a crime. In fact, there is never a more crucial time in which to assert yourself. Count on the Law Office of W. Shane Jennings to represent your interests and protect your rights. We are well aware of the nuances within the legal system and can make sure you receive due process. Give us a call for a free consultation.

Our Legal Areas of Focus

As one of the premier personal injury and criminal law firms in Llano County, Texas as well as in Hobbs, and Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Law Office of W. Shane Jennings is able to provide legal aid to individuals who have been injured in an accident or who are facing criminal charges. The following list outlines our primary areas of practice:

Abraham Gonzalez

I had a wonderful experience with this firm everyone was professional honest and helpful. I would recommend this law firm to friends and family for sure!

Melissa Ojeda

Mr. Jennings and staff handled my motor vehicle case. He was organized, respectful and helpful with al my questions and concerns.

Maurice Crenshaw

These attorneys are awesome. I had a very complicated criminal case that could’ve gotten me some serious time if it wasn’t for this attorneys office getting everything dismissed.

Locations We Serve

W. Shane Jennings provides legal assistance to individuals who have been injured in an accident or are facing criminal charges in Llano County, Texas, as well as throughout New Mexico's southern region. We primarily focus on the following cities:

  • Llano, TX and the surrounding areas
  • Hobbs, NM
  • Las Cruces
  • Alamogordo/Cloudcroft
  • Anthony
  • Deming
  • Lordsburg

Experience You Can Count On

When it comes to litigating personal injury and criminal cases, experience is necessary. As a personal injury and criminal defense attorney, W. Shane Jennings has the experience and knowledge your case needs. With so many hours under our belt, we have learned how to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Personal Injury Case Results

As a personal injury attorney in Hobbs, Las Cruces and Llano, Texas, W. Shane Jennings has recovered millions of dollars in money on behalf of his clients in New Mexico and now in Texas. The cases here do not represent all cases and all recoveries. This is a sampling of cases settled from 2019-2023. Click here to see more of W. Shane Jennings' personal injury case results.

Auto Accidents – Minor Injury / Soft Tissue Injury Cases

  • Case: Hit by another driver. Recovered $85,300. Client received $53,000.00 with all medical bills paid.
  • Case: Hit by another driver. Recovered $83,500. Client received $40,000.00 with all medical bills paid.
  • Case: Hit by another driver. Recovered $77,500. Client received $40,000.00 with all medical bills paid.
  • Case: Multi Client (Family) Accident $125,000.
  • Case: Hit by another driver. Recovered $75,000. Client received $28,134.25 with all medical bills paid.
  • Case: T-boned at intersection. $55,000 negotiated settlement. Client received $27,714.81 with all medical bills paid.
  • Case: $50,000, $24,230.47 to the client with all medical bills paid.

18-Wheeler Accident

Case: Client had serious injuries resulting in surgery, pins, and rehabilitation. Case settled for policy limits of 1 million with $235,432.97 recovered and the client received $138,251.54. There were 10 plaintiffs in this case. Suit was not an option my client wanted to pursue because of the complex amount of ligation and the 9 other Plaintiff's involved.

Bicycle accidents

Case: $250,000 – Policy Limits $91,752.10 to Client Settled in about 2 weeks. Client was in a serious bicycle accident. he was rushed to the emergency room in Texas where he underwent surgery because he was degloved - his flesh was stripped from his bone. The ER began the process of placing a lien on his home to collect an astronomical medical bill. When I stepped in, I was able to use New Mexico law where the accident occurred and Texas law where the emergency surgery occurred to obtain a policy limits settlement, stop the lien, and get the client $91,752 plus change. I was able to turn a situation where he was seriously injured, and his property was going to be attached to into a positive financial outcome for him. This was accomplished in about two weeks without a suit.

  • $250,000 – Policy Limits
  • $91,752.10 to Client

Case: Two Policy Limits for a total of $150,000, $89.611.07 to Client: No lawsuit needed Client was hit on his bicycle causing a rotary cuff tear, sprain of right rotary cup capsule and other injuries. Client was able to recover the maximum amount of each available insurance policy to reach the maximum amount of recoverable money in the case.

Case: Client was injured when driver ran into intersection. $100,000 policy limits settlement, $53,961.83 to client

Drunk Driver Accident

Case: Federal law super lien involved. Client was upside down in bills to available insurance. Result: Policy Limits $150,000 with $53,333.00 to client. Medical bills were more than the policy limits. There was a federal super lien on most of the medical bills because ERISA was involved. I was able to negotiate a favorable deal with the ERISA attorney which allowed my client to actually recovery $53,333.00 for his injuries.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney: By the Numbers

W. Shane Jennings has the experience and knowledge you want on your case. Shane and his team have spent many hours in trials before judges and juries where he argued for criminally accused clients. With many hours under his belt, he has secured the best possible outcomes for clients, according to each case and each individual client. His records show that out of 400 case samples, we secure 227 dismissals in 2016-2017. Of the remaining cases, he secured 47 pleas to lesser charges as well as 68 bargained or deferred sentences. Further, his records show that he also did this:

  • 2017 ACQUITTAL by Jury Violation of Restraining Order. (5 minute not guilty verdict)
  • 2018 HUNG JURY case not retried - Multi Count Felony Criminal Sexual Penetration tried as co-counsel.
  • 2018 ACQUITTAL by JURY attempted murder, burglary, larceny, and aggravated battery. (4-hour deliberation and not guilty verdict).
  • 2018 federal felony trial for sexual assault which GUILTY but under appeal. The use of a key expert witness to refute FBI testimony on DNA was denied.
  • 2019 Felony DWI 4th directed verdict (That means the judge dismissed the case with prejudice without sending it to the jury )
  • 2019 Felony Child Abuse tried with a co-defendant in same trial Directed Verdict (That means the judge dismissed the case with prejudice without sending it to the);
  • 2020 DWI case dismissed with Prejudice on the day of trial.
  • 2020 Client released from Jail who was being held by Texas in New Mexico without Bond illegally
  • 2020 Multi Count Child Sexual Penetration Defendant case dismissed without trial where he was facing more than 30 years in Prison.
  • 2020 ACQUITTAL by Jury three count aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. (30 minute not guilty verdict)
  • 2020 Aggravated DUI jury trial Directed verdict
  • For every year multiple case types dismissed.
  • 2023 ACQUITTAL after 4-day trial Hobbs (Lea County, NM) 1st Degree Felony after

As of November 10, 2023, Shane has never lost a Felony State of New Mexico Criminal Trial. He has lost a couple of misdemeanor trials and one federal but never a State of New Mexico Felony trial.

As you can see, you don’t have to settle for whatever penalty the prosecution is seeking. Take it to the people. Exercise your right to a trial. We can help you secure a more favorable outcome if your case is a good candidate for a trial. Whether you're facing criminal charges or your concerns are a matter of an injury you received by the negligence of another the team is here for you.

Contact the Law Office of W. Shane Jennings Today

If you are facing criminal charges, you may worry about what the future holds. Most people in these situations face jail time, loss of license, increased insurance rates, and impacts on public records as potential consequences. The best way to deal with criminal charges is to confront them head-on with proper legal assistance from a dignified criminal defense lawyer. With offices in Las Cruces and Hobbs, New Mexico, as well as Llano, Texas, we will help you get the outcome you deserve. Contact our firm now to schedule a consultation to discuss your case with W. Shane Jennings.