Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Las Cruces & Hobbs, NM

Drunk driving is a serious issue. The law does not look kindly on driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These accidents can range from minor accidents to catastrophic crashes that completely change a person’s life. As a drunk driving attorney in Las Cruces and Hobbs, New Mexico, W. Shane Jennings can help if you have been involved in an accident.  

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Although every state’s laws are a little different, most states will recognize an impaired individual as someone who is driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. Either one can lead to serious charges and impact your driving record and history. Similarly, driving while under the influence can cause serious injury to other motorists or pedestrians. If you’ve been injured in this type of accident, you want to have a knowledgeable drunk driving attorney backing you up. 

Have You Been in a Drunk Driving Accident? Here’s How We Can Help!

If you were involved or the victim of a drunk driving accident, the Law Firm of W. Shane Jennings can help. These events can have a great impact on your life and there is plenty you have to think about and consider. You may have been incapacitated, lost wages, or even lost your ability to go to work. A drunk driving attorney can help by:

  • Making sure you are well-informed of your rights as an injury victim
  • Providing possible options or recourses that will help you collect fair compensation
  • Helping collect evidence necessary to build a case
  • Providing information on how to get medical assistance
  • Assist with getting you compensation for your injuries but also for personal and emotional distress you may have suffered

How We Achieve Results

Attorney W. Shane Jennings fights for your right as an injury victim. As a personal injury attorney, Mr. Jennings works with people who have suffered because of a drunk driving crash. Our professional team of legal experts will collect evidence, obtain records, gather witness accounts, and mount a case to represent you. 

Drunk Driving Accidents in the State of New Mexico 

In the state of New Mexico, it is illegal to drive with a breath or blood-alcohol concentration of .08 or more if you’re 21 years or older or .02 if you’re under 21. In most cases, if you fail the breathalyzer test or refuse to take the test, you will lose your driver’s license for up to a year. 

Drinking and driving is a serious crime and has caused considerable devastation in people’s lives. In 2016, a New Mexico newspaper reported that the state had a high rate of fatal drunk driving crashes. That year, drivers with a blood-alcohol content of .01 or higher were involved in 144 of the state’s 383 fatal accidents and drivers with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher (the legal limit in the state) were involved in 116 or 30 percent of fatal crashes. 

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As a drunk driving lawyer in Las Cruces and Hobbs, New Mexico, W. Shane Jennings works to represent people that have been affected by or involved in a drunk driving accident. These cases are complex. Don’t leave it up to fate. Leave your case in the hands of professionals and we’ll take care of you. Call us today

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